A List Of First Date Conversation Starters That Will Get Her Talking

So you are on your first date, and need first date conversation topics?

Well luckily for you, I have got a very good list of 20 questions you can ask your date about and keep you two entertained for probably the next 3 dates!

Don’t rely on these questions though, use them as more of a tool than a crutch, because you want to be displaying to her your own personality instead of just spitting out prerecorded questions to occupy the evening. Learn how to attract women, click here: Supernatural Seduction System

Just remember, when you ask her these questions, keep listening to what she has to say and go with the flow.

Do not interrupt her because you want to be listening to her answers. After all you want to figure out what kind of person she is like don’t you?
Once you hear something you like, don’t forget to comment on it and relate to it in a genuine manner.

First Date Conversation Topics

  1. Her family – How warm is she with her family and whether or not they are close.
  2. Happy childhood – Ask her if she thinks her childhood is happier than most other people.
  3. Defend a friend – Imagine you are at a dinner and you hear someone making fun of your friend. What would you do?
  4. Tonight’s dream – If she could write a script of her dream for tonight, what would it be?
  5. Meeting people – If she was invited to a party where she would meet really interesting people, but did not know anyone there, would she go by herself?
  6. Growth – When was the 5 years that she found she grew the most?
  7. Time travel – If she could go into the past to her favorite period, but could not return, would she do it.
  8. History changer – If she could change history, what would she have done?
  9. Honesty test – If your family and friends were willing to honestly tell you their opinion of you, would you honestly want them to or would you rather keep them under the wraps.
  10. Upbringing - If you could go back in time and change anything about your upbringing, what would you want to have changed and why?
  11. Satisfaction – If you could choose 50 people that were brought up from the same background from you, do you think they would lead a more satisfying life? If so how many do you think so and why?
  12. Daring – How daring are you? If she were at a beach and it turned out everyone was swimming naked, would she also join in the fray or would she leave?
  13. The Future? – Would you want to know the exact time of your death and how you would die?
  14. Vengeance – If you were hopelessly and deeply in love, but then suddenly your lover was murdered brutally, and the murderer got away, but you knew the identity of the murderer, would you seek personal vengeance? If so what would you do?
  15. Judging – Do you give yourself higher or lower standards when you judge yourself compared to others?
  16. Stealing – The last time you stole something. What was it and why haven’t you stolen anything since?
  17. Phone calls – Some people rehearse what they are going to say before a phone call, are you the type to do so?
  18. Patience – If you saw a movie with a friend and it turned out to be a really really crap movie, would you finish the movie or would you leave?
  19. Compliments – Do you like compliments when you get them? Do you usually accept it or do you think you didn’t really deserve it.
  20. Money – If someone how you came across with one million dollars, how would you go about spending it?

There you go guys, I have made a comprehensive list of questions which are fantastic conversation topics that will show you how to impress a girl that you like with your conversational skills.

Just remember, when you ask her these questions, be sure to work it smoothly into your conversation and listen to her answers. Once you have done so, you will be able to be that special guy who really knows what to say and provide great conversation. Because after all the first date conversation topics should be all about her!

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