Conversation Chemistry – How To Get A Girl To Like You

What does it take in order to get a girl to like you?

Well, before you attract a girl, you need to understand what to talk about with her.

You need to have a set of questions to ask a girl to make her attracted to you or make her think you’re different from other guys.

That’s where this great personality game that I’m going to teach you comes in. It’s called… THE COP!

Here’s how it goes:

You: Pretend you have just come back from a date with the guy of your dreams, you don’t know him well, but you really like him. He has just walked you up to the door and you are on the front porch kissing ear other good bye, when suddenly a power car pulls up.

He then looks at you in a horrified way and then says “QUICK HIDE ME”.

So you quickly hid this guy. 5 minutes later, the police walk up to you and say “Maam, did you see a man here before, where did he go?”.

What would you do?

a. Tell the police you didn’t know
b. Tell the police that he left already and lie to the authorities
c. Give the man up.

Now depending on her answer, you can start turning the conversation into a flirting situation for you to tease and make fun of the girl so that you’ll be able to start making you stand out from the other guys.

If she chooses a.

This means that the girl is loyal to her friends and protective of herself. This is great, so you can tell the girl that she has passed your test and then you can continue being friends. She has got 10 points!

If she chooses b.

Tell her that she’s very loyal to her friends so much so that she’ll even lie to the authorities and take the heat! That’s fantastic because she’s really cool and has passed the test and you two can still be friends and hang out!

If she chooses c.

Tell her that she’s untrustworthy and sorry, you can’t be friends no more.

As you can see, this sets the scene for a funny and playful interaction and in no time you’ll be able to get a girl to like you! What you need to do after you get an answer is to be able to put her in a position where it seems as if you’re just testing her out, and qualifying her, as opposed to her being the one that’s deciding if the relationship between you two can continue.

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