How To Get Women Addicted To You Like Crazy

Most of us have seen guys to go up to any woman and succeed just about any time, even if the guy in question is not particularly good looking, a fashionable or well off. The fact is, these guys know certain secrets about dating and they know how to get women because they have overcome certain issues that prevent a lot of us from even trying in the first place.

You have probably heard it said before that you absolutely have to get over the self confidence issue. The fear of rejection is what stops us from even making in advance in the first place and this is only worsened when we do get rejected. However, if you get excepted, your confidence will be boosted enormously. You’re probably familiar with the guys who know how to get women every time.

Another very important thing to get over is the inferiority complex which many of us also have. Not going for a girl you actually like because you think she is out of your league is a grave mistake. Even worse is when you approach another woman instead as a backup plan and she realises this. That is just plain unpleasant for everyone, especially the woman involved.

You don’t actually have to be particularly self confident to be able to learn how to get women. You just need to look self confidence and look like you are in control of the situation.

Who’s in control

Being in control of the situation helps you to stand out. Being able to stand out amongst the crowd and not look like all the other guys to keep making their approaches to the girl in question is essential. She will be impressed by this and even more so if you can make yourself appear popular and put yourself in the centre of attention.

The next step once you that you need your approach, is to pay close attention to eye contact and body movement. You need to be exactly familiar with what you are doing as well and if you can read her, then you will know whether it’s worth proceeding or not.

Everyone should realise the importance of eye contact. Issues avoiding eye contact with you in such a way that she looks uninterested, then it is almost certainly not worth proceeding. However, if she is avoiding eye contact with you whenever you look at her and she is fiddling with her hair or something similar, then it is probably because she’s blushing. If this is the case, then you probably have a good chance because she is kind of flirting with you.

When you finally come to talk to her, you should be careful about not coming across as too enthusiastic. If you come across as too enthusiastic you come across as pushy or no woman likes that. Pay attention to what she is saying and ask her questions. Talk about her is that tends to be what women like to talk about.

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