How To Pick Up Women Naturally With Confidence

The key to knowing how to pick up women does not lie in how you approach them but rather how you cash in on the initial impression that you make on them. The first impression though is a tad over rated, nevertheless is a great advantage. In order to successfully pick up women you have to project a confident attitude.

You need not be cocky or arrogant but just self assured and confident about yourself. Women are turned on by confident men. If you are scared and have a gutless attitude you stand no chance with the women. Women also get attracted to men with a bad boy attitude and it helps if you have some bad boy traits.

The main ingredient to the seduction potion is confidence. Women invariably like confident and self assured men. This does not mean that you can walk up to any woman an pass a lewd comment or hope that they take to your offer of your company positively. Learn to be confident in a cultured and sophisticated way.

A man who seems to be worldly wise or has a been there done that attitude always is a mystery for women and adopting such an air could prove to be the first step in learning how to pick up women. Women have a weak spot for men with a chivalrous attitude. Radiate confidence and a positive attitude and even if you are uncouth, try to imitate someone who is cultured and sophisticated and imbibe these qualities as they offer a great advantage.

Being a good conversationalist helps you in seducing women no matter what level of intelligence they possess. If you are well read or have a good imagination you can cook up stories to entertain them. Having a sense of humor is a great help and can go a long way in helping you to learn how to pick up women successfully.

The idea is to be humorous and not clownish. It could defeat your chances with women if you appear to be a funny guy. They would just consider you as fun company. Retain your charm and use your sophistication to good effect while entertaining them with your wise cracks. Focusing your undivided attention on them while making them enjoy the time they spend with you is a sure way to seduce women.

After entertaining them for some time with your wisecracks and tall tales and having them enjoy your company, the next part in learning how to pick up women is to get their phone number. Do not ask a women for her number off the cuff. Always try to make her give it to you or give her your number instead. There is never a hurry to do this and you have to wait for the right moment when you feel that she is quite impressed with your charming self before you let it happen.

Show some confidence

The best way is to interrupt your time together by faking an urgency to leave and then telling her how much you loved her company and how intensely you wish to have the pleasure again. Then you can give her number right before you leave.

The other way to get a woman’s number is choose the right time for you to leave their company and to let them know how much you wish to see them again and what a good time you had with them. Then slowly let them figure out how to help you do that by giving your number. This mostly works and even if it doesn’t, you can always take command and give them your number if you seem them confused. Always make sure you don’t wait around till the end when things become dull and drab and both you and the woman are tired from the drinks and constant banter. Learning how to pick up women is like marketing a product. The only difference is that the product is you and you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Also make sure that you don’t come across as a player as most women would be wary of such men who play the dating game and are never serious.

I am often asked “how to pick up women” from men.

I find this an interesting question, because the focus should not be about how to pick up women, but rather on how do I make myself attractive to women so I am naturally successful around women.

Picking up women should not be confused with being successful with women. You don’t want to be known as the guy who knows how to pick up women. Rather you want to be known as the guy who all the women like and are cool to hang out with.
In reality, the real way to pick up women is to display attractive characteristics to women when you first meet them. You need to convey to her that you are a high status male, you are charming, you know what to say and you know what to do. You make decisions and you know where you are going.

Make it natural

If you want to learn about how to pick up women naturally, then you need to understand that you need to change your mindset from being “where’s that hot babe so I can chat to her” to being “man, I’m having a great night, so hows yours?”.

If you don’t have an agenda or a goal, then you will naturally be more attractive to women. Because you will not be goal orientated, you will not beat yourself up for failing to get her number and you will not be acting like that creepy guy who wants something from her. The trick to picking up women does not relate to external factors or gimmicks or techniques (although sure some things do work and I will teach you them also in my 6 part mini course so sign up below!), but rather it is internal.

It is how you perceive the interaction and how you act in relation to her presence being there…

Are you the guy who keeps staring at her across the bar wanting to buy her a drink or are you just that friendly guy who is out with his friends having a great time who just happens to sit next to this attractive women and started to talk to her?
You want to be genuine to women. You want to be congruent. So no matter what you say to her, your actions and body language, physique and mindset needs to also correspond to the message you are sending her. You need to deal and handle your own self esteem issues and insecurities before you can confidently pick up and attract women all the time. After which, it will not longer seem like you are “picking up women” but you just naturally meet women all the time.

The game, as many pick up artists understand starts within yourself. You will know how to pick up women when you make yourself out to have that kind of charismatic personality that women enjoy to be around. That is the true key.
Be the guy who people want to be around with. Not only act like it with your body, but you need to fulfill it with your mindset. Because, without having the right method of thinking about women. No matter what external techniques you try or what you say, women and other men can see right through you.

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