Questions To Ask To Keep A Conversation Going

Give me a questions to keep a conversation going!

Tell me what I need to know because I don’t know how to impress a girl that I like!

That’s what most guys want to know. This seems like a popular topic for the guys out there who seem to be stumped about what to say or talk about with women.

The important thing to note is that, it doesn’t really matter what you two do talk about as long as the conversation revolves around her (this will make you much more interesting) and as long as she doesn’t stop talking. Remember you are free to ask a girl anything when you are talking to her, but you also want to display your personality in a way that makes you much more attractive and interesting so you are not just any other guy who she has met.

The point of the question to keep a conversation going is not to actually keep her talking, but build attraction to you so that you two bond and create a sense of connection and rapport. This is very important in the seduction process, because if she thinks she can understand you and you understand her, then that is half the phase of seduction.

A good question to keep a conversation going does not revolve around facts, but rather about her emotions and FEELINGS. How does she feel when she responds to your question? You want her to be sensing something emotional inside her mind that no other guy can create around her. That is what a good question to keep a conversation going does to her.

Interesting questions to ask

I have gone through the effort of compiling a list of great questions to keep a conversation going for a long long time!

  • What does she think of herself – Would she consider herself as being a serious or fun loving joking person?
  • Conflict avoidance - Is she the type to avoid conflict or does she like to meet challenges head on?
  • Hateful compliments - What compliments do you hate the most?
  • Compliments she likes – What does she like to hear the most from people?
  • Personality type – Would she consider herself being an introvert or extrovert?
  • Feeler or thinker - Would she think of herself as more of a feeler or thinker?
  • Timeliness - Is she the type to be early, on time or late? If so why?
  • Fun and eventful person? – Does she like to form a habit, or does she like to do things in a spontaneous way. Give some examples!
  • Impacts – What book or person has impacted upon her life the most?
  • Herself - If she had to describe herself with 3 words, what would they be?
  • Wishes - What is the single thing that she once had, but lost and wished she could have again?
  • Rebel? – Is she are rebel? Does she consider herself as a rule breaker or a rule follower. Why is she like that?
  • Want to change – What’s something about her personality or life that she wants to change but will probably not happen? why so?
  • Never change – What is something about her personality or life that she hopes will never ever change and why?
  • Friends – Is she the type to have a few close friends or a lot of acquaintances?
  • Superstitious - Is she the type to be superstitious? Give me some examples!
  • Personality tests – Has she ever taken personality tests? If so, what have they told about her and are they accurate?
  • Maintenance - Does she consider herself to be low or high maintenance?
  • Barriers – What was the last thing she did that really pushed a barrier that she thought she couldn’t break.
  • Crisis – How does she react in times of crisis?
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