Tutorial: How To Kiss A Girl & Get A Girl To Kiss You

So you want to know how to kiss a girl? As in what to do with your lips and your tongue physically?

Or do you want to know how to actually put yourself in a position where she is open to the idea of you kissing her?

Well good news for you men out there this article will cover both of the situations.

How to kiss a girl physically

What you want to do is test is she is into french kissing when you first kiss her. So instead of going straight for the tongue poke, you give her a small but sensual kiss that covers her lips.

Kiss her like this for a few more times and slowly move her towards you by grabbing her waist or her head and pulling her closer to you. Once you do this, and you can sense that she likes what you are doing, you initially go using your tongue slowly.

Make sure she can feel what you are doing, and if she reciprocates well you know it’s all good to use your tongue and connect with her inside her mouth. It’s not really that hard the actually kissing phase. Because what you do is, test the waters first but giving her small kisses on the mouth, and if she’s ok with it, then just get closer and closer then you seal the deal.

What to actually do

What you need to do is make sure she is in a mindset where she finds you attractive. You do this by building rapport and engaging in interesting conversation and topics.

You can either read her body language. For example
1. she is very comfortable with you sitting very close to her (as in side by side)
2. she is playful with you and laughs at your jokes
3. she may also touch you and move herself closer to you

These are massive giveaways. However, if she doesn’t do that, or you are still unsure, you can either use:

1. The mystery kiss test

This is where you say:

You: blah blah blah… so would you like to kiss me?

Response A: Yes (if so, then you move in to kiss her – this rarely happens!)
Response B: maybe (if so, then you say: “let’s find out” then you move in to kiss her)
Response C: No (if so, then you say: “I didn’t say you could, it just looked like you wanted me to”)

As you can see that line requires confidence and balls to pull it off. It is actually very useful however, because confidence and charisma is what attracts women.

2. The accidental kiss

This is where you say:

You: blah blah blah… hey I have got to tell you a secret, but I can only tell you if you close your eyes

Her: Ok… *closes her eyes*

You: *kiss her*

Response A: she kisses back, then just keep on kissing her in the way described about how to physically kiss a girl above

Response B: what was that for? I thought you were going to tell me a secret! (if so you say: “yeah, I was going to tell you that you shouldn’t of closed your eyes” then you kiss her again)

In the event that she gets all worked up and angry at you. Then you know that she doesn’t like you and you did not build enough attraction and rapport to kiss her. But don’t be too phased. Kissing her does not blow attraction to you if there was attraction there to begin with. This weeds out the girls who are not into you!

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