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Reviewer: Maurice Jackson
Rating: 5/5
Website Reviewed: The Online Game
Comments: One of the best courses for online dating. Targetted for men who are not experiencing online dating success.

Pros: One of the best online dating guides. Is great for the younger guy who uses facebook and myspace.

Plus 6 Bonuses

Plus 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Cons: You really need to do a lot of work to ensure your profile is up to scratch if you want to succeed online.

The Online Game Review

Derek Lamont has released a new product called The Online Game. I have reviewed this course here’s what I think about it.

When I first heard about this product, I thought to myself, great another guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is writing a book about what he thinks will work online. So I decided to do a review of his book and see what was inside.

To my surprise, this guy actually understands seduction both ONLINE and OFFLINE.

The more I read the book, the more impressed I was. It is obvious that the author understands the basics of seduction and has been in the seduction community for a while as there are references to Mystery and David DeAngelo. Further, he also uses academic sources and talks about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Shit, this must be the only seduction book that I have read that actually includes something that I would find in a university lecture slide! This book is very well researched and you can tell Derek has put in a lot of effort compiling the manual.

What’s Inside?

So what’s inside The Online Game? Well, first of all there are 227 pages of solid content laid out in a fantastic easy to read format. There are all in all 22 Chapters in the manual all teaching you how to be an online pickup guru! They are as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to online dating and tells you how to conquer stupid preconceptions about dating online
  • Chapter 2 – Here you learn about the science behind dating a seduction
  • Chapter 3 – Derek talks about an interesting theory relating to attraction known as the “Binary Theory”
  • Chapter 4 – Derek refers to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Derek must be a reformed geek)
  • Chapter 5 – Here you learn about overcoming online dating anxiety
  • Chapter 6 – Learn about how to make online dating safe
  • Chapter 7 – What you need to know about your online profile
  • Chapter 8 – What to include in your display picture
  • Chapter 9 – How to judge photographs of women to weed out the warpigs
  • Chapter 10 – How to choose a catchy username
  • Chapter 11 – How to create a captivating headline
  • Chapter 12 – What to include in your profile content
  • Chapter 13 – How to establish contact with women the right way
  • Chapter 14 – What to say on the second message
  • Chapter 15 – How to deal with people messaging you
  • Chapter 16 – How to date with rejection online
  • Chapter 17 – Instant Messenger game
  • Chapter 18 – Telephone game
  • Chapter 19 – How to succeed on social networking sites such as facebook or myspace
  • Chapter 20 – How to deal with messaging women on non dating sites
  • Chapter 21 – The first offline date! How to succeed!
  • Chapter 22 – Final thoughts about online dating

As you can see this course is jam packed full of fantastic content and is definitely worth your while to have a look at if you are not experiencing online dating success. This product is targeted at the younger crowd so if you are interested in the online dating scene for the more mature group, you should look at Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating.

My Thoughts

Overall The Online Game is a great guide for guys to learn how to get the most out of their online dating life. Derek has put in a lot of time and effort in ensuring that he is actually deliverying quality content. And, it is quality! As a matter of fact I could not find a single spelling mistake! This is quite rare considering most of the books that I have read in the seduction field do not have this standard of quality.


Also, Derek has just informed me that right now, he is running a promotional campaign for his The online Game program. So he is offering SIX fantastic bonuses that are available right now (but I don’t know for how long for) if you get it!

He has gotten the help of other seduction gurus, such as John Alexander, Michael Webb and Mike Pilinski to deliver you these bonuses:

  • #1: 101 Romantic Ideas
  • #2: Three Keys To Seducing Any Woman
  • #3: The Secret to Getting Her Back
  • #4: 7 Simple Steps To A Better Body
  • #5: Secret Bonus (Because it’s suppose to be a secret I can’t tell you what it is)

Heck, another thing is. Derek is constantly updating his book and tells me that if you purchase whilst his promotional deal is going on, you will get a LIFETIME WORTH OF UPDATES FOR FREE! I told him he should of charged for more updates – heck that’s the smart thing to do. But anyways, that’s what he is offering, so you should check it out.

Money Back Guarantee

Another cool thing is that Derek is also offering a 100% money back guarantee – so if you think he is full of it and doesn’t know what he is talking about. Simply just refund the product and you will get your money back. Cool huh?

Click here to check out The Online Game now!

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