Slade Shaw Supreme Self Confidence Review


Reviewer: Maurice Jackson
Rating: 4/5
Website Reviewed: Supreme Self Confidence by Slade Shaw
Comments: One of the few dating products out there that does a good job at helping guys get the CONFIDENCE and INNER GAME required to attract and keep the women they desire!

Pros: it’s written by Slade Shaw! Also it is very comprehensive and detailed providing quality information that is applicable and not just theoretical to help you get the confidence you need!

Plus 100% money back guarantee!

Cons: Why do good things have to end?


Often when guys have problems in dating or relationships they often have a great excuse. They either have no time for a relationship, or they are too focused on their careers or they just haven’t found the right one yet or they are just not living in the right place to meet the right woman… The list of excuses goes on why they have no idea how to attract women.

What they don’t tell you is that they simply don’t understand how attraction works and they do not have the confidence to get the women that they truly desire!

Now, a lot of people come to me seeking dating advice to talk about their attraction issues. They are often confused by the amount of dating products out there that all offer the same thing – a magic bullet that will deliver success over night!

All of them seem to teach you how to dress right, how to say the right things and how to act or behave etc. That’s why, having reviewed so many products, I am fairly skeptical most of the time.

I have reviewed other products written by Slade Shaw (from Meet Your in the past and was happy to see he was releasing a new ebook about helping men acheive supreme self confidence and develop a strong inner game! Not only does this ebook cover topics that will change your dating life, it also affects other social situations you will be in.

It helps you to create confidence, increase your own self awareness, assists in overcoming self doubt. What also impresses me is that it shows you ways to develop a social identity and move your life in a different direction if you are not currently satisfied with the social life you have right now.

What’s inside?

In Slade Shaw’s book “Supreme Self Confidence in Dating, Relationships & Social Situations” he covers the topic of how to develop your inner game.

The book is full of quality content. It has over 170 pages that covers:

  • your personal confidence issues – discover and identify hidden agenda’s that you might not even know exist that currently prevent you from acheiving the success that you want in life, especially around women.
  • your social confidence issues – figure out how to overcome social shyness and become the social person. Slade takes considerable time in assisting you understand what it takes to become a socially confident individual.
  • your sexual confidence issues – this section is the most entertaining. Learn how to improve your sexual competence so that you are able to become the man that you truly want to be inside the bedsheets.
  • and any other issues to do with your confidence – Slade also helps you out with destroying other self limiting beliefs that may currently impede you from succeeding in any area of life.

The book is full of applicable techniques that will take Slade Shaw’s dating advice far beyond the pages of the book and into your life so that you can actually see results.

Some of the results that you can get from applying the principles in the book are:

  • Being able to stand out in the crowd.
  • Being able to overcome fears and doubts from the past.
  • Be able to determine a focused path for yourself and set actual milestones for you to get there.
  • Get the confidence to carry a great conversation with anyone, including attractive women!
  • Being able to break through the barrier of being socially shy.

Do I Need It?

Now some people may ask, why would I need to be interested in this book?

Well simple.

Having a healthy self confident inner game is the foundation of success. Not only with women, but in your life.

It will benefit your personal life, your dating life, your career and will no doubt help you assist your romantic and future life goals. All of these areas are based upon beliefs that you set upon yourself. If you learn to overcome the fears that have created setbacks in these fields then you will acheive unprecedented growth – especially in your dating life!

Without inner confidence and from inner game. You will not be able to acheive half the things that you hope to.

My question to you is simple.

Do you want to simply accept that life just randomly gives you?

Do you want to master your own destiny?

Do you want your life and its success to be determined by the actions of others?

Or are you going to do something proactive and change things in ways that will inspire others to help you succeed?

Think about it for a minute.

If you are not acheiving the success you want in areas of your life, perhaps you should just consider testing out this ebook. If it doesn’t help, the product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Supreme Self Confidence Review: Bonuses come with the product?

Also, Slade Shaw is offering a special bonus if you get Supreme Self Confidence now… you will be able to get these bonuses FOR FREE (as I recall)!

  • Super Bonus 1: How To Acheive Mastery of Your Inner Game – Downloadable Audio Bonus
  • Super Bonus 2: Master Your Confidence Through Overcoming Shyness – Downloadable Audio Bonus
  • Super Bonus 3: Other Secret Bonuses!

These bonuses alone are worth more than the selling price of the product!

Even if you think you have great inner game and awesome confidence, I’m sure you will learn something from this ebook.

As I mentioned before, the ebook comes with a full 100% money back guarantee. Slade Shaw is so confident that he has a quality product, he is willing to give it to you for free if you don’t like it!

Click here to check it out Supreme Self Confidence yourself!

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